sunbury wedding photographer

Once upon a time (it was a long time ago so the fairytale is relevant LOL!) l trained as a graphic designer at RMIT.  I studied layout and design, photography, advertising, marketing and visual communication amongst lots of other things. Actually, a lot of the time l studied one of my fellow students who was quite good looking, but sadly he never noticed me ;-)

Regardless, l gained a real appreciation for things in print. Apple Mac computers had only just come out in the design world (think 1989!) and printing or mocking up our designs was one of the few ways we could see the finished product. So l guess the excitement and satisfaction of seeing a project that you held in your hands and that you could give to someone to look at and share has stayed with me.

Wedding Albums make me feel exactly the same.


This ^^ is the first wedding album l ever designed, and l love it so much, l never tire of looking at it. I’m actually ridiculously proud to see all of the photos that l shot compiled in a book, telling a beautiful story. It’s not even my wedding, yet when l was waiting for it to be delivered l was hopping up and down by the front door waiting for the postman l was that excited to see it. Can you even imagine how nice it would feel to have one of your own wedding day?

When l take it to my bookings, it’s the first thing l show potential clients, and everyone loves to look through it. I suppose when you are planning your own wedding it’s lovely to see what other couples did…what flowers they had…what dress the bride picked… and share in someone else’s story.

It seems a shame to go to all the trouble of planning your wedding… hiring a photographer to capture all those special details… waiting for your photos to be edited and delivered…and then just putting a little plastic USB stick away in a drawer somewhere, and never doing anything much with it.

It’s kind of like you haven’t finished the story.


Every single time l bump into a bride from a past wedding and ask them whether they’ve printed their photos they always say ‘no, we’ve been too busy’.
I guess life just gets in the way. Once the wedding is over, your photos are no longer a priority. Suddenly you’re immersed in mortgages and jobs and families and life in general.


But l can help you finish the story, and provide a beautiful keepsake of the most important day in your life.

l offer an album design service after your wedding – and it’s free of charge if you would like it.

I take a selection of the photos from your day, and put them together so that they tell the story of the day you became husband and wife. All those little details you planned, the way you looked in your beautiful wedding dress, the excitement of family and friends – it’s all there in print, and you can pick it up and look through it whenever you like. You don’t have to swipe it or recharge it, it won’t become obsolete, and you don’t need electricity to view it.


It’s your own personal love story. I think it’s worth it. I think YOU’RE worth it.
And l can’t wait to finish the job l started when l took your wedding photos…and deliver you something beautiful too. When you hold it in your hands I think you’ll enjoy it even more than l will ;-)

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