Welcome to the first of 10 blog posts featuring my favourite 10 tips for making your wedding day run more smoothly. From a photographer’s point of view, there are lots of little things you can do on (and before!) your big day to make sure you get beautiful wedding photos. And they may not be what you think!

Tip #1 – Turn Off Pinterest!

If your Pinterest boards are anything like mine, you have loads of different wedding pose ideas and you want to do them ALL.

st-annes-winery-wedding (1)


It’s fine to have a photography wishlist, and l will do my very best…but please remember your day is yours, and it’s an original. So many things go towards making that Pinterest shot, and they all affect whether it is do-able or not.

  • Your wedding could be at a different location, venue, season (or country!) to the photo you’ve seen.
  • The weather, lighting & time of day will be different.
  • You might not have time on your day to model for 27 different poses. Weddings go notoriously quickly – do you want to spend hours posing, or spending time with your family & friends?
  • Every photographer’s style and vision is different – hopefully you’ve picked your photographer because you like their work, not someone else’s!

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My advice is to enjoy your individuality and let your wedding day be what it is. It will all unfold naturally and uniquely. Trust in the venue, your decor choices and all the detailed preparations you’ve made! And trust your photographer to capture the essence of your day.

You may not get all of the Pinterest poses that you loved, but you will get your own unique and very special photos that you will love – because they are yours.

They might even end up on Pinterest!


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