The ceremony is probably the most important part of your wedding day, and most wedding photographers would love you to make a tiny change as you tie the knot…


Please, please consider an Unplugged Ceremony for your wedding day!


The nicest thing you can do for your paid photographer is give them all the space and room they need during your ceremony without having to avoid phones and tablets blocking their view or hustle for the best shot. Mobile phones, ipads, camera gear, video cameras and tablets make the photographer’s job so much harder. 

I’ve experienced all of the following and more – it happens all the time:

  • the groom’s view of his approaching bride blocked by a guest jumping out into the aisle with an ipad
  • the bride and groom walking back down the aisle to a sea of iphones in their faces
  • a guest checking football scores while vows were exchanged (yes, really!)
  • an intimate wedding with only a handful of guests who all used technology throughout the ceremony – ipads, phones in the air & cameras with flashes. No-one watched the bride and groom with their eyes.

I LOVE to get the best photos l can for you. If you would like your guests to be able to use their phones throughout your ceremony, l will 110% respect your wishes and do my best to work around them and still get the shots you expect. I can’t help but wonder though – wouldn’t it be nicer if people watched your wedding with their eyes, and fully participated in the beautiful emotions and love of the moment? Isn’t that why you invited them to your ceremony? Could we put our phones and devices away for just 20 minutes?

Please consider an unplugged wedding. You can ask your celebrant to mention your request before the ceremony starts, and you can also add a little sign at the entrance to the ceremony seating.

It’s one wedding day decision that you definitely won’t regret.

ps. After the ceremony everyone can go to town LOL!