Karen & Charles’ wedding at Glen Erin Vineyard was my first ever opportunity to experience photographing a wedding. I should probably mention that calling myself a ‘wedding photographer’ at this point was very premature! (there is so much to learn and remember, and l’ve realised it is quite possibly a life long journey.) But, after months of study, l had decided l wanted to specialise in weddings, and thanks to the charming Bruce at Bruce Hedge Photography, l found myself his second shooter for a day.


l could be forgiven for being a tad nervous when l fronted up to Karen’s room – this was my first ever assisting gig, and l remember taking several dozen shots of her bouquet just to calm myself down and check my camera/lighting settings. I was literally shaking. But the adrenaline soon kicked in and soon l was in the zone and thoroughly enjoying myself.


The most exciting thing about Karen & Charles’ special day was that they had planned a surprise wedding – not one of their guests or family knew that they were attending a wedding – they had all been invited to what they thought was an engagement party. Karen, Charles and their two little boys got dressed up and had some quick family photos before mingling with their guests & enjoying ‘engagement’ canapes & drinks.


And then my favourite part of the day – Karen told her mum why everyone was *really* there…(yes, there were a few tears at this point!)

We snuck off back to their room, and Karen got ready again – this time into her wedding dress.




Her very proud mother walked her down the aisle, and the ceremony took place underneath a beautiful gum tree on the property.





And then after congratulations, we walked around the picturesque Glen Erin vineyard in the sunshine and shot lots of photos of the happy Bride & Groom.






When it was time for me to go home, l was absolutely exhausted but buzzing – l knew without a doubt that wedding photography was the area that l’d love to continue working in. Like l said before, it’s such a special day, and filled with so much emotion and happiness. It was an absolute privelege to be allowed to share in it all.

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Ceremony & Reception: Glen Erin Vineyard, Lancefield
Flowers: Gisborne Cottage Flowers
Celebrant: Jen Lawrie-Smith