a little bit about me…

  • I love flowers, wedding cakes and VW Beetles. I’m down to earth and I love a laugh.
  • I always wanted to fly a 747 (and still do – make sure you’re not ever on the same plane as me LOL!)
  • I’ve been a wedding photographer for 4 years and absolutely love it, l can’t imagine ever doing anything else.
  • I never thought l wanted to be a newborn photographer, but when my first bride and groom announced they were expecting and wanted me to take newborn photos, l couldn’t say no.

I don’t cry at weddings…

but I do have a tear in my eye when I get home, load the photos on my computer, and see all the memories I captured for you. Whether it’s photographing your newborn, your wedding day, or your grandparents carving up the dance floor at your reception, it’s without a doubt the most satisfying job I’ve ever had.