Amber and Darran were pretty brave when I floated a slightly different wedding album idea past them…I had seen a collage style album cover online, and thought it would be a fantastic way of including some of the funnier photos that didn’t make it inside the album. I mocked up two covers for them – one a traditional album cover that I thought they’d choose (the large black and white image from the collage) and then, this slightly more ‘out there’ option with lots of added extras.

They chose the collage option, and it looks awesome in print! I love it and can’t stop admiring it!

Some of the shots did make it into the album as well, but we included Darran’s late night sparkler art (top left, see if you can guess what he was trying to draw) as well as some funny moments and sweet shots of details that made up their wedding day story. Guys, I am SO thrilled that you chose the collage, and I can’t wait to deliver it to you. That’s if I can stop looking at it. 

Enjoy some of the spreads from inside:

Side note: not everyone wants or can afford a wedding album, but l recommend them SO much. It is worth scrimping and saving on something else in your wedding budget and treating yourself to your wedding day story, you will treasure it SO much!

Windmill Gardens Wedding Photography, by Gabbie Hine Photography.

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