Melbourne Wedding Photographer – Goonawarra Vineyard

Kimberley & Andrew's Melbourne wedding was held at Goona Warra Winery in Sunbury, with the entire bridal party and their family getting ready at a Victorian style bed and breakfast in Melbourne. This caused a fair bit of hilarity on the day as the bride and groom tried to avoid seeing each

Lea-Ann & Danielle’s Wedding at Goona Warra Vineyard

Congratulations to Lea-Ann & Danielle, who celebrated their marriage at Goona Warra Winery on the terrace - with the sun setting over the vineyard as the most beautiful backdrop. I enjoyed this wedding so much - my brief for the day was to get lots of casual & candid shots, with a

Julie & Mark’s wedding at Goona Warra Vineyard in Sunbury

They say it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day - and Julie and Mark are in for extra amounts! Not only were we treated to rain, but a thunderstorm of epic proportions on their special day. The clouds gathered & rumbled ominously overhead all afternoon but nothing seemed to

Goona Warra Winery wedding – Erin & Luke

Erin & Luke married in the cellar at the beautiful Goona Warra Vineyard in Sunbury, surrounded by family & friends. Erin's amazing bridal bouquet almost stole the show, but the quirky wedding cake topped with two little Minions came in a very close second! Wedding photos were captured all around the vineyards,

Goonawarra Winery wedding – Daniel & Claudia

Goona Warra Vineyard was the picturesque setting for the wedding of Claudia & Daniel. It was a gorgeous autumn day and the trees were filled with colour, as well as the grapevines in the vineyards - rows and rows of pretty golden leaves. I arrived early to photograph Claudia and her girls

Sunbury Wedding at Goona Warra Winery – Jessica & Reid

It was a beautiful crisp and sunny winter's morning for Jessica and Reid's wedding at Goona Warra Vineyard in Sunbury. After the torrential rain and storms of the day before, l was so relieved! This was my first ever solo wedding, and l was nervous enough without having to worry about thunder