Please note that my newborn photography packages are priced to cover my time for photographing the session and editing/creating your gallery, as well as your prints & USB.

I will always do my best on the day to provide 3-4 different setups, however I can’t guarantee that you will receive all of them. You will receive the amount of images stated in your package, but what I am able to capture will be dependent upon how settled baby is, and how he or she responds to different poses.

Baby safety is my number one priority, and l don’t ever attempt a pose that your baby is not comfortable with.


Please be aware that l have 2 cats and a dog. They are not allowed in the house during your session, but if you have allergies, keep this in mind.

Session Preparation

Newborn sessions are best done within the first 5-12 days of baby being born. You might like to wait for baby’s umbilical cord to fall off – usually around 5-6 days. I try to book newborn sessions in the morning as this gives us lots of time – usually starting at around 9.30-10am.

Baby will need a big feed just before so that he or she has a full tummy and is nice and sleepy (if possible feed baby before travelling, as they usually settle and get very sleepy on the drive). You will have plenty of time for a few “top up” feedings & breaks throughout the session – the whole shoot is planned around your baby and his or her schedule.

What to Wear

If possible, try not to dress your baby in clothing that needs to be removed over their head. A zip up/button up growsuit is perfect if you have one.

I shoot your family photos using a warm beige backdrop. Please wear pale or medium colour tops for your family photos if possible. (ie: chambray, blues, whites, creams, greys, pinks.) Stay away from bright patterns or logos if you can as these can be very distracting in your photos.

For the sibling photos the children can wear whatever outfit you have – try to stick to neutral colours if possible. Please steer clear of outfits with large patterns or logos on the front of them. Pastels, denim or white always work well.

What to Bring

If your baby is using a dummy, please bring it with you. Also bring your nappy bag with a few spare nappies, and a change of clothes for baby in case of any accidents! (It’s a good idea to bring a spare top for both parents as well – just in case!)

I will supply baskets, props, blankets, wraps and hats/headbands. If there is a particular prop or blanket you would like to include please feel free to bring it along. Please let me know beforehand so l can plan colours in advance.

Brothers & Sisters

If your baby has siblings it can be a good idea to bring them to the start of the session for their photos with the new baby and once we are finished the family photos Dad can take them home/to the park and leave mum and baby alone to take baby’s photos. Newborn sessions can go for 3-4 hours, and little ones sometimes get bored with all the waiting.

Please note  – l don’t have a big space to shoot in, if you have a large family group please let me know and we can discuss some different options.

Colour Schemes

If possible, let me know before your session what colours and props you would like for your photos. Do you like creams & whites – traditional pink and blues, or dark timbers? Perhaps you like vintage quilts or lots of colour? Whatever your style, if you have any ideas for the ‘look’ you are after, it helps if we discuss this beforehand. It also helps to think about where you’d like to display your photos and what colours will work well in these rooms.