My Studio

I don’t really like using the word ‘studio’ – it’s really not me. When you come to my house for newborn photos, you’ll find that my space is on the smaller side, and (just between you and me!) if you were to look on my house plans, it’s actually called a rumpus room LOL!  It’s clean, bright and pared back, a bit like the style of images I like to create for you. 



Over the years it is slowly evolving – the carpet has been ripped out, and there is lovely new flooring. I’ve added a sofa, and there’s a big shelf for lots of newborn & cake smash props. There are also wicker baskets filled with knitted hats, a huge collection of wraps, different coloured sets of floorboards, and everything I need to capture beautiful photographs. When I have a session booked it can get a little cluttered in there but it’s lots of fun, and I love the light in here, it’s so soft and beautiful.



Sometimes I wish my hubby would hand over the garage, but he’s a bit attached to his workshop and being able to heat this room easily is a big bonus that l’m not ready to give up just yet.


I look forward to you coming to visit my ‘room’ for your newborn photos!





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