Sunbury Newborn Photography – Meet Lara

Some of Mum and Dad's favourites from beautiful Lara's newborn gallery. It's always fascinating to see what parents pick, as photographers we get so carried away with lighting and posing that we forget that parents are looking for completely different things in their photos. Lara was amazing to photograph, after a little time to settle, she fell asleep and stayed that way

Poppy’s Mini Newborn photography session

At 4 weeks old, Poppy wasn't really a newborn any more, but my goodness she is the cutest little chubby bub l've ever met LOL! She had her eyes on me for the entire session, and anytime l thought l'd succeeded in getting her to go to sleep, those little eyes would pop open and check me out as soon as the

Ned’s newborn photo session

Congratulations to Vanessa & Jason who welcomed little Ned into the world - he is absolutely adorable and l love his name so much!  Ned enjoyed all of the newborn poses, and loved being wrapped up. He was toasty warm in every setup while the rest of us were sweating it out with the heater on high LOL. This shot of him

Beautiful Lilah’s Newborn photos

"The best place to be is in a family..." a lovely little tin bucket surrounded by lace having your newborn portraits taken LOL! Lilah looks so beautiful in pink and white. She made me work for all her photos, but she looks SO cute that l forgive her everything. Congratulations Mum and Dad on your gorgeous little family! Sunbury Newborn baby

Chelsea came for newborn photos!

Little Chelsea is SO cute! Just 10 days old on the day of her newborn photo session, and she already had the cheekiest little smile. (No, it is not wind, no way LOL!) I photographed her mum and dad's wedding, and it was amazing to see them again  with the newest addition to their family. Congratulations Jarrod & Ellyse, she is absolutely & totally

Baby Oliver’s newborn session

Little Oliver was such a sweetie during his newborn photos! I've been experimenting with turning the heater up a little higher for my newborn sessions, and he slept really well, except for a few snack breaks. Even Dad fell asleep on the couch it was so nice and warm in the studio LOL. My favourite image is Oliver asleep under a pale

Gorgeous Cooper – Sunbury Newborn Photography

Sweet little Cooper slept like a log for his newborn session. I've never seen anything like it. He grumbled just slightly about halfway through when it was time for a feed, and promptly went straight back to sleep again. I've had cute little newborn pants for so long and have never been game to wake a baby up by trying to put

Dylan the Christmas baby!

Little Dylan was such a cutie! With his newborn session being just before Christmas his mum and l agreed that a few festive style shots wouldn't go astray LOL. (please forgive me Dylan, l know you're going to be so embarrassed on your 21st birthday when Mum and Dad get this photo out, but you are seriously just too cute!) Luckily we

Welcome little newborn Blake!

Blake was the sweetest little chubby bubby - over 8 pounds of gorgeousness! He slept beautifully for his photos and even had slightly boisterous cuddles with his two year old brother without making a fuss. Congratulations Mum and Dad on your beautiful new family member!   Sunbury Newborn baby photography, by Gabbie Hine Photography. CONTACT ME TO PLAN YOUR NEWBORN PHOTOS!